Window Replacement Options

When considering window replacement options, there are two different methods of installation that can be used; Pocket fit or “Insert”/Full frame replacement.

Benefits of a Pocket Fit or “Insert” Window Replacement

A pocket fit installation replaces the existing sashes of a window with a new window unit that has a frame and sash(s). It does not replace the existing frame of the old window unit. It typically doesn’t replace any of the interior trim or casing. The window is measured to fit inside of the old window frame. This results in a smaller new window measurement, giving the homeowner slightly less visible glass. The exterior is usually then wrapped in new aluminum trim. The upside to pocket fit installations is less cost and shorter installation time.

Benefits of a Full frame window replacement

In a full frame replacement all of the existing window’s short comings are addressed. There is the ability to insulate between the new window frame and stud wall. All of the interior trim is replaced. The original window size is maintained. If there has been any water infiltration, it will be identified with a full frame replacement.

Which method is best for your home? Well, that depends. Based on the age and particular building method of your home, you may be a candidate for either. However, if you know there has been water damage or rot on or around your existing windows, then a full replacement would be recommended.

What should I do?

Have two or three different professionals over to look at your particular needs and give you their opinions. Some companies only offer pocket fit installations. Be sure to have at least one company that offers both methods. It has been my experience that those companies will tend to advise you on what you require to do the job correctly, rather than just on what they offer. Contact us today to discuss with a trained professional who will take care of you and make the best recommendation for your home.